The Knowledge Quarter (KQ) is a partnership of 73 knowledge-based institutions in the mile-wide neighbourhood around King’s Cross, Bloomsbury and Euston; home to the world’s greatest knowledge cluster.

Within this mile alone, there are 8 higher education institutions, 22 museums and galleries, and 34 libraries and archives, 580 research centres, 3,000 scientists, 13,700 academics, 57,000 staff and 98,500 students.

The Knowledge Bank - How it works?

To access the Knowledge Bank, sign up using an email domain from one of the 73 partner organisations involved in the KQ. Register your details including your professional interest and skills and instantly gain access to other member profiles.

Why join the Knowledge Bank?

There are an endless number of reasons to join the Knowledge Bank; from continuous professional development to easy networking. However, we find the most exciting reason is that everyone is just a short walk away from each other. A simple request for a mid-morning coffee has the potential to spark a number of interesting conversations and initiatives.

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